Towing & Recovery Services

Emergencies, or even just unexpected vehicle issues can be life halting, we are here to ease as much of this as we can. Whether you’re in need of a local or long distance tow, to full vehicle recovery due to an accident, we are equipped to help. At Jeff’s Towing & Recovery LLC, in Benton Harbor & Bridgman, MI we make it our mission and our standard of service to provide fast, friendly and affordable care to you no matter the depth of your needs.

Our Towing & Recovery Services

Reliable Towing for Every Need

We provide flatbed towing with round-the-clock, 24/7 service. We are approved on all local, county and state police rotation call lists and provide fast, effective accident recover and vehicle impounding service. We are here to help in any manner of vehicle emergency. If you’re unsure if we provide a specific service, please contact us at either our Benton Harbor office or our Bridgman Office at any hour. We’re here to help!

Local Towing

We can take your vehicle to your residence, repair shops, and local dealerships. Your car, your call.

Long Distance Towing

We are happy to provide long distance towing for our out of town visitors in need.

Accident Towing

We’ll calmly and kindly pick your car up as it lays, no matter the damage, and get your vehicle to your preferred shop for attention.

Recovery Towing

Whether your car has been totaled or had to be abandoned on a roadside because you didn’t have gas or cell phone service, we will carefully recover your vehicle and bring it where you need.

Emergency Towing

If your vehicle has broken down for any reason at all, call us! We are available 24/7 with skilled and thoughtful drivers ready to help.

Abandoned Vehicle Removal

At request of the property owner and the approval of local law enforcement, we will safely remove abandoned vehicles located on both private or commercial property.

We Can Handle All Makes and Models of Cars, SUVs, and Pickups

Our fleet of recovery trucks are equipped to handle whatever vehicle you have that needs help. If you’re not sure if we can help, we’re available 24/7 — just call us at 269-465-6142!

Dependable Recovery Services


FREE Estimates

Sometimes recovering a vehicle can be easy, others more arduous and nothing feels like a “cheap tow” when you’re facing vehicle recovery. If you’re stuck in beach sand, that may be a different cost than if your car has been hit and is undrivable. We promise competitive and fair pricing and believe you should know what costs you’re facing to best enable your next steps.

Roadside Recovery & Accident Recovery

If your car has broken down, has been in an accident and has become undrivable, or needs to be reviewed to make a claim before being driven again – we are here to help. We will take precision care of your car in moving it wherever it needs to go, without causing further damage.


Accident Clean-Up

We’ll clean up the road and your car after we’ve loaded your vehicle on our truck to prevent further damage to you and others on the road.

Storage Until You Can Pick Up

If we towed it and you can’t afford to pick it up right away, we will store it for you! We’re happy to talk through your best options.

Need a tow? Got a flat tire? Out of gas? Battery dead? Stuck in the sand or snow?

Contact us at 269-465-6142 anytime.
We are open 24/7 for you!

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Jeff’s Towing & Recovery LLC is available 24/7, providing service to the entire Berrien County Area! Call 269-465-6142 at any hour! We’ll be there.